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Social Media Samples

I use social media trends to increase brand awareness by connecting consumers with

answers to their pressing questions.


​I establish credibility by educating through entertainment. 


Trending Sound + Editing example

Paired trending sound and dynamic editing with a problem the company helps solve: cliche college essay topics.

Received 144K organic TikTok views and more than 350 saves


Simple Explainer

Responded to comment to address a common concern amongst following.

Video was saved more than 1K times

on TikTok.


Response to News Item

Sourced relevant news piece to create TikTok video addressing an audience concern (oversharing in college essays) with the company's advice.

Received more than 400 saves and 100 shares.


Trending Sound + B-Roll

Used trending reels sound to address a common mistake the company helps students fix.

Reel viewed 106K times on Instagram.

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